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DealStage enables attorneys & transactional professionals to better manage the deal process lifecycle from drafting to closing.

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Close Deals Better


Teams with Better Information Close Deals More Quickly & Easily

DealStage participants have access to the latest deal updates and every document version in a “virtual closing checklist” dashboard maintained in a secure SaaS environment.

This visibility into the process gives business principals comfort that documentation will not impair deal certainty, makes senior attorneys better deal managers and helps the folks in the trenches get the job done.

› “At-a-glance” understanding of the deal

If your Closing Checklist was an app....

You could eliminate unexpected bottlenecks, last minute fire drills and time spent on low-value added tasks such as discussing status updates with each member of the group – the kind of things that lead to client dissatisfaction and billing pushback.

DealStage’s collaborative deal management platform goes where Word/Excel-based checklists and email exchanges of documents can’t go.

› Beyond traditional checklists

Homebase for your Deal

DealStage is used by attorneys and, in some cases, reviewed by their clients.  It gives the transaction team a centralized hub to manage signing, closing & post-closing deliveries.

It is a specialized environment for document exchange and execution – analogous to the specialized environment create by a virtual data room for the due diligence process.

The Problem with Deal Management & Communication Today: Paper checklists & email workflows

Deal participants do not all have the same updated information about the deal and often spend time repeating low-value tasks that lead to write-offs.

  • One Person is Master of All or Certain Parts of the Deal

    Business principals and other attorneys are not able to independently know what remains to be done and trip over each other’s efforts. The process appears disorganized – creating anxiety.

  • Word or Excel-Based Checklists

    The group only stays informed if each participant updates the checklist. Status information gets stale between mass distributions of the checklist.

  • Email-Based Document Exchange

    In cluttered inboxes, it is often difficult to keep track of each version that is exchanged between the parties, particularly if the right participants do not receive every email.  Emails can also be sent to the wrong people, forwarded inappropriately or bounced.

  • In-Process Documents in Paper Accordion Files

    The accordion files must be kept up to date in parallel with email exchanges. Participants are unable to review documents or deal status unless they have physical access to the accordion files.

Confusion & Uncertainty in the Process Could Cost you the Deal (or the Client).

  • Deals need to be documented quickly so that there is less time for a third party to interfere, for the  financing environment to change or for something else bad to happen.
  • Business principals are disappointed (and vote with their feet) when the deal process appears sloppy.
  • Clients are reluctant to pay full rates for people who are basically pushing paper through the process, and it is better to focus attorney time on high value items that can be billed.
  • Important issues are overlooked when scarce time is focused on fixing the process.

How DealStage Works: Virtual Closing Checklists 

At-A-Glance Deal Status

DealStage is a secure SaaS environment designed specifically to manage the process of creating the legal documentation of complex transactions. DealStage enables all deal participants – including attorneys at other firms and business principals – to understand exactly where the deal stands at any time with a simple glance at the DealMatrix.

Participants can also quickly find every exchanged draft of deal documentation and understand which items still need to be finalized and collected.

The resulting improvement in deal information-flow allows participants to work together more effectively to complete action items, resolve open issues and eliminate gating items earlier in the process, reducing the potential for errors, re-works & delays.  A more efficient process gets to closing sooner and presents a more satisfying product for business principals (i.e., the lawyer’s clients).

DealStage addresses common workflow and process problems that are associated with the different phases of a transaction

1Drafting & Negotiations

DealStage supercharges the familiar negotiate ↔ draft ↔ distribute  process attorneys employ today.
  • Dashboard that Indicates What To Do Next

    With a color-coded list of documents displaying the status of each document as : to-do, draft, final or complete.

  • Find any Version of Record

    That either party has posted to the DealMatrix and, for your colleagues only, link each document to the latest internal version in your firm’s document management system.

  • Post each exchanged version

    Instead of drafting an email to send each version.

  • Post Redline comparisons

    Along with the new draft or have comparisons generated automatically.

  • Send New Version Notifications

    Along with attachments of or links to the new version and redline, to keep participants in the loop and make sure no updates slip through the cracks.

2Signing & Closing

DealStage brings order to and confidence in the process of document execution and signature page collection.
  • Confirm Execution Status

    By clicking on a button to generate a list of items that are not complete and populate the DealMatrix and its signature page cells to ensure that each member of the group working on the deal has access to the execution status of each document.

  • Automate Routine Signature Page Tasks

    By using the bulk upload tool to extract the signature pages from each document and then using the download center to create an indexed package of signature pages for each signer.

  • Avoid Missing Important Information in an Overworked Inbox

    By posting new document versions and executed signature pages to DealStage.

  • Manage Signature Pages

    Upload signature pages in bulk to automatically split packages of signature pages were faxed, emailed, scanned or electronically signed, and allocate the pages to the correct documents on the DealMatrix.

  • Intuitive Access Management

    Allows you to determine how much access each participant gets to different components of the deal and allows for an easy way to escrow and release posted signature pages.

3Post-Closing & Delivery

DealStage automates document collation and bundling — including creating closing books.
  • Generate a Closing Book/Set

    Automatically by choosing to include all documents (or a subset) in one big pdf or a zip file.

  • Download Deal Snapshots

    To save a local backup of all the latest documents or keep track of your deal at particular points in time.

  • Create Easy Exports

    From your deal in one click (or a few clicks if you want to customize your export).  DealStage does not lock in your data — it is as easy to get information out of the application as it is to put it in.

  • Distribute Sets of Signature Pages

    Using the download center.  In addition to making closing books and local archives, you can customize your download to create an indexed and tabbed set of all signature pages signed by a certain person, for example.

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